Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"The Fine Line" Boudior Workshop- recap, amazing!!

Warning!  There are some VERY SEXY images below.  If you are faint at heart or if beautiful bare bodies offend you in any way, you may want to skip this post :0).

Tia and I hosted our first Boudoir Workshop "The Fine Line" in August and to say it went AMAZING would be an understatement.  The intimate group of women we had in attendance that day was such a blessing!  It was beyond inspirational, not only for the attendees, but also, quite frankly for both Tia and I.  We not only were able to capture the most beautiful images of our brave model that day, but our attendees came from far and wide and there were a few surprises, lots of giggles, laughter, sentimental moments all mixed in with lots of learning and inspiration.  Here is what Andrea (one of our awesome attendees) had to say about the workshop experience: 

"It has taken me a little while to say thank you because I seriously was so in awe I could not think straight after leaving the workshop.  I have been fighting with myself for almost 4 years now on what am I doing wrong with my photography business.  It was easy to shoot kids since I have them and so do my friends.  I have been talking (complaining) to my friends and hubby all this time and no one ever said maybe you should not shoot kids!  Well live and learn right?  I have always known photography is "it" for me but I still felt out of place.  I know I expressed so much doing the workshop but just wanted to reiterate how I am so incredibly happy to have attended.  I wanted to cry at parts of the workshop because being there I felt like I was finally being called home.  Everything felt so natural (except for the parts where I was put on the spot, but thank you for that as I needed to be pushed), so me, so "ah ha".  I left with head spinning and clips throughout the day playing over and over in my head.  I had an absolute blast!  You and Tia are truly an amazing team and I am thankful you guys are so giving, open and honest.  I already got back some of my scans and am dying to see the rest.  When I look at these images I cannot believe I am the one that took that image, well with tons of help and guidance, but I was there, I witnessed it, I pressed that shutter.  Everything I learned, that we spoke about, that the group spoke about, all the experiences that day are ingrained into my head.  Well those 10 hours I spent with you guys was truly priceless.  You guys have forever changed me and I am so grateful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Andrea Brogle

I think that pretty much sums up the experience!  The following images were taken by myself at the workshop, I cannot wait to see what the attendees got as well.  The video below is a little recap of the fun we had that day (little surprise thrown in there and definitely worth watching!!!)  

Tia and I will be offering more Workshops soon.  We are gearing up to post dates soon for both Chicago & Australia.  If you are interested in either of these locations, please let us know, we'd LOVE to hear from you.  Click {here} to learn more about our T&T Dynamite Workshops.


Check out the video:

T&T DYNAMITE "THE FINE LINE" WORKSHOP from Tanja Lippert on Vimeo.


  1. You ladies are earth angels placed here on our round globe to spread light and love. xxxxxxx beautiful work, as always. xxxxxx

  2. Holy moly, I so want to get to your workshop when you come to Oz! But...do I have to be interested in shooting boudoir to attend? Oh well, I think I would come away from it wanting to shoot it anyway :)

  3. Damn, grrrrrls! Hot pics! Me likee! We might have to do somethin' like this for part of our bride and groom shoot! Heh! JK (sorta).


  4. This has got to be the best boudoir session I have ever seen! No joke. This is what photography should be.


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